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Welcome to Living in the Past, a weekly column about what's new in old games. Now get off our lawn. The HD port of Jet Set Radio arrives today on PS3 via PlayStation Plus. A new credit appears on the updated version: it was ported by a company called Blit Software, who also handled the downloadable...

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September 11, 2012 at 7:00PM
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Even though it's been eight years since Jet Set Radio was released for the Dreamcast, few games are its equal when it comes to style -- and even fewer have surpassed it. Jet Set Radio pioneered cel-shading in 2000, and just about every entry on the short list of games that out-cool it also followed ...

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You plummet down a dark, twisting tunnel, barely registering the lights that flash past because you're too busy juking one moment and jinking the next, avoiding death with a flick of your wrist. As enemies crowd around you, spewing missiles from every direction, you expertly guide a stream of dead...

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