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As part of a 14-week-long assignment, 16 Harvard engineering students were given the task to create the perfect brisket. But what did they need to do that? A really, really good BBQ smoker. To build one, Engineering Sciences professor Kevin Parker landed his class a big-name client willing to fund...

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May 8, 2015 at 6:52PM
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Those trying to kick the habit should seriously consider looking away. The e-lighter concept, designed by Tao Ma, looks to come in black or white motifs, and can apparently fire up your next cigarette with nothing more than the mere 5v current from your nearest USB port. As these things typically ...

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While overseas firms like Thanko and SolidAlliance are kicking out random bits of fun that surely generate a solid profit, China's Golden Dragon has probably found the real road to riches with its toy. The brilliant Ruyan e-cigarette purportedly "feels like a cigarette and looks like a cigarette, ...

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