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If you were intrigued about that Wonderbook PlayStation peripheral we saw back at E3, then your curious wait may soon be over. As of November 13th, you'll be able to get your wizardy hands on the accessory for the reasonably magic price of $39.99. This is for the book alone, but there's also a bun...

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September 9, 2012 at 7:25AM
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We're not so swift on the uptake sometimes, so maybe you can help us make this distinction. Nicolas Doucet of Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio told Gamespot that action titles Eight Days and The Getaway 3 aren't "abandoned" per se, just "put to one side." To clarify: No one is working on...

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With only three weeks and two days until Singstar finally gets released, Sony has decided to answer some of the burning questions regarding the game. The disc will come with 30 songs on it - a nice selection actually - but will also be complemented by the much-hyped SingStore. This online marketpla...

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