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We're big fans of new kit splashing down close to home, but there's a certain intrigue attached to handsets hailing from faraway locales. So when a loyal reader tipped us off to Spice Mobile's M-9000 Popkorn, a candybar phone from India featuring a built-in projector, we understandably took notice....

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April 3, 2011 at 8:39PM
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Before you ask -- no, this candybar isn't specially equipped to help you cheat on tests, it's actually helpful for studying. Imagine that, right? The Spice S940 reportedly comes loaded with the ability to make / receive calls, take snapshots with its two megapixel camera, tune into FM radio, play ...

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Unlike the Bell X-1, the first aircraft to break the sound barrier, the Spice X-1 isn't going to break any speed records limping along with a quaint little GPRS chipset. After the initial bout of browsing withdrawal, though, the average user might be able to settle in, enjoy the phone's rather com...

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