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Darkfall can be pretty intimidating for newbs, and that's before they're killed and stripped of all their meager belongings. The game's learning curve is considerable, whether it's the unconventional UI or the vast world of Agon and the lack of themepark-style direction from one area to the next....

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April 9, 2011 at 6:00PM
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Patch day is an exciting time to be playing an MMO, assuming you can look past the various instabilities, server crashes, and inevitable bugs that come with a major update. Even then, there's still the sense of doing something new and different in a familiar game, however touch-and-go the new conte...

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Fallen Earth is one of three post-apocalyptic massively muliplayer online games currently in development that are a far cry from the fantasy titles which have proven most popular in the MMO world. IGN scored an exclusive two part developer diary from Fallen Earth writer and content developer Wes Pl...

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