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When Microsoft demonstrated Surface we were impressed. Then, when they later showed off SecondLight, we were even more impressed -- and then were sorry for anyone who had made the considerable investment in one of the earlier, singularly-lighted tables. We're feeling better now (thanks for asking)

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February 1, 2009 at 4:47PM
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So you've got a spare Microsoft Surface and Wii Balance Board laying around, whaddya do? Well, you could try stacking them on top of each other and hope that big-ass table doesn't crush your little plastic Nintendo toy, and with some code slapped on what you'd end up with is pressure-sensitive surf

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Mmmm mm, guarana extract... nothing quite like it for doping kids via Mountain Dew MDX or Rockstar energy drink just to name a few of the more popular stimulant elixirs. Now a newcomer: the Headshot Gamer Bar. Oh yes it is, a candy bar with oomph for plenty of late night sniping fun. Fortunately, i

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