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The latest headphones from Sweden's Jays don't stray too far from the design that defined their predecessors -- but hey, if it ain't broke... The slick earbuds were built to work with iPhones, iPads and iPods, offering up 10mm drivers, a 360 MEMS microphone and a three button controller. The t-JAY...

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October 13, 2011 at 11:27PM
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We heard that Jays was gearing up to ship a baker's half-dozen of new headphones this year, and we've got to say -- the t-Jays ain't a bad way to get things rolling. Designed with a "warm and wide soundstage," these 'buds boast an angled sound chamber optimized for delivering deep bass, and Jays pr...

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We hate to point out the obvious, but it's been a hot minute (or two, actually) since we've seen any new gear from Sweden's own Jays. Evidently the company's been hoarding up its wares for a mass introduction, as seven new products were brought to the public's attention this week. The new a-JAYS and...

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