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If there is one concept I would love to see struck from every MMO past, present, and future, it's raid progression. "Progression" even sounds like slow, tedious, unrewarding work, and since I already have a job, I kinda like my video games to be about having fun rather than about spending my even...

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July 23, 2012 at 8:00AM
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For every person I see cheering the rise of accessible games, I see another lamenting the "dumbing down" of MMOs. And while I've always liked a good challenge, it seems to me that "challenge" is usually conflated with "tedium" -- most MMO "challenges" test my patience, not my skill. I can unde...

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Picture this: it's Saturday afternoon, and you're absolutely determined that you're going to spend some time leveling up in your game of choice. It could be World of Warcraft, it could be Star Trek Online, it could be anything. But you log in, and you note that before you go to town, you just need ...

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