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It would seem that when Iran isn't busy putting the kibosh down on social media, its architects are designing some pretty crazy ways to beat the weather. Case in point: a seven-floor house in Tehran with three rectangular rooms that can rotate up to 90 degrees in accordance with the season. As Sla...

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September 6, 2014 at 3:48AM
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A new report picked up by the Associated Press suggests Battlefield 3, which partially takes place in Tehran, has been prohibited from stores, even though EA has no official resellers in the region and many stores didn't bother hunting for stock in the first place. However, local police have app...

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Two years ago, Iranian students built Sorena, a white humanoid machine that reportedly wheeled about via remote control. For 2010, robots experts at Tehran University decided to update the creature -- and apparently, channel a little bit of Asimo. Surena 2 was unveiled by Iranian president Mahmoud ...

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