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Whatever you do, don't push the red button. MSI has pimped out its new GeForce 9600 GT Diamond graphics card with dual DVI, dual HDMI, optical audio and a shiny red button. The button bumps the clock speed of the graphics core and the memory, as well as increasing voltage to world-destroying level...

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May 27, 2008 at 11:23AM
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Who could forget the famed Big Red Button of Doom from 2005? Sure, nearly three years have passed since its inception, but there's nothing like a little (literally) impostor to conjure up memories of the not-too-distant past. Available now, the miniature Self-Destruction Button comes in black, whi...

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Keeping with our theme of lame and gimmicky USB hubs, we have this little number from Solid Alliance. While we have no idea why someone would make a USB 2.0 hub in the shape of a button that could spark a civilization-ending nuclear war, we really can't fault them for creativity. We're also not sur...

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