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I better be careful next time I walk out of my Apple Store here in Santa Monica -- apparently burglars are targeting Apple Store customers here in the Los Angeles area. Over 100 customers have apparently been targeted after leaving the store and keeping a computer or other purchase in their car. Th...

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January 8, 2010 at 3:45PM
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The LA Times reports today that a truck with over 1,000 boxes of Rock Band was hijacked last weekend. The robbers kidnapped the truck driver, held him at gunpoint while they unloaded the truck and then released him after the deed was done. For those interested in the math, the thieves got away wit...

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Yeah, we've seen quite a bit of mishaps happen in conjunction with operating a GPS device, and the list of brainless criminals is (fortunately) seeming to get longer each day, but this heist made the cops' jobs so easy it's almost implausible. A few crooks with a potentially bright idea set out to s...

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