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THQ filed plans with the SEC Friday for a June 29 stockholders meeting, where the company will propose a reverse stock split to avoid delisting from NASDAQ. In the filing, the company describes the need for the stock split to maintain the $1 per share minimum that NASDAQ requires for listing. THQ o...

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May 27, 2012 at 12:00PM
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Today seems to be a good day for video game publishers. First, Activision cleared up its stock option problems. Now THQ (THQI), the other video game company that had some 10-Q problems, is also out in the clear. Much to the relief of investors and THQ, the investigation into THQ's stock option plan...

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THQ has outshone its games-publishing peers with a stock price (Nasdaq: THQI) that's actually gained in value over the last year. That's actually quite an accomplishment in an industry beset by fear that we're headed towards some sort of doomsday scenario during the difficult console transition per...

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