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Advertisements? In my virgin tab page? It's more likely than you think, new Firefox user. That's because Mozilla will soon launch Directory Tiles, a program that'll ensure you see something other than blank squares the very first time you launch the browser. Instead, it'll populate those spaces wi

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February 12, 2014 at 6:59AM
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Remember the Windows Phone 7 ads, the ones that promised to \"save us from our phones\" by giving us more \"glance and go\" information? For the most part, these phones haven't delivered on that promise due to the relative dearth of apps taking advantage of Microsoft's live tile concept. That changes

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Borne of Microsoft Research, newly-announced ZenZui is coming out of stealth mode at CTIA this week to introduce what we think is a fairly novel approach to mobile content browsing -- a concept ZenZui calls the \"Zooming User Interface\" (hence the \"Zui\" part of the name). The concept sorta has to b

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