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TMZ is super, super proud of its "exclusive" scoop on the iPhone 6 today, as is clear by its obnoxious headline and loaded article that tells the story of a former Foxconn employee heroically smuggling the highly anticipated device out from manufacturing. As you'd expect from TMZ, there are plenty...

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August 15, 2014 at 10:30AM
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It looks like some romance may be happening at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Two popular PlayStation mascots were seen on a date in Vienna. In this shocking video (after the break), you'll see Sackboy and Buzz shamelessly holding hands, eating lunch together, and riding the wiener risenrad....

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Reader Andy wrote in this morning to tell us about what he read while having his morning cup of joe. From the The Guardian's article on The world's 50 most powerful blogs: "46. WoW Insider" Ummm... really? Cool! While I consider us to be a major source of news, information, and QQness about World o...

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