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It's common for brain surgery patients to stay awake. That's how surgeons know everything is going smoothly, after all. When concert violinist Roger Frisch started suffering from tremors that are only a problem when he's playing, however, Mayo Clinic doctors had to resort to some rather unusual te...

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August 18, 2014 at 9:20AM
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Who says we're not topical here at TUAW. For our Daily Mac App, I bring you Tremors. Developed by TUAW's own Michael Jones, this $2.99 app helps you monitor seismic activity around the globe. It leverages USGS data, but it includes quake data from all over. Tremors had no trouble locating ...

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We told you about it in our expansive hands-on previews of the game, but now you can see it for yourself. The latest travel power video for Champions Online is here, and it's Tunneling! Now you can pop up behind your enemies Tremors-style, the maul them with whatever powers you've happened to choo...

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