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What's Mark Jacobs been up to lately? Conspiring with fellow devs at City State Entertainment, that's what. The team is made up of ex-staffers from Mythic (which Jacobs co-founded) and Troika, and they've just released an extremely brief teaser clip to whet our appetites for... whatever it is the...

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December 23, 2012 at 2:00PM
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Art Basel down in Miami has been the go-to place to see the best and brightest in design this past week, with Troika's 'Falling Light' installation falling squarely into the latter category. This mechanical LED sculpture needed a room to itself, as it hosts 50 ceiling-suspended devices with each in...

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Remember back in the old days, when men were men, dogs ran free, and computers were the size of small countries? It was a time when viruses weren't malicious, rather, they delivered cherry popsicles, unicorns, and nuclear joy-beams. Well, now you can return to a simple time of laughter and love th...

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