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The Dominion and the Exiles cannot just get along, they cannot be friends, and they cannot give peace a chance. So the testing for WildStar thus far has kept them separated, with both sides testing on different weekend. But according to patch notes released today by Carbine Studios, the upcoming te...

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June 26, 2013 at 2:00PM
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From where we are now, it's hard to see a whole lot of good about the Dominion. Everything we've heard about WildStar's other faction thus far has been that it's made up of pure evil, absolutely the antithesis of everything you would ever want to stand for. These are not good people, to the best ...

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Two vs. three: It should be a cut-and-dry affair. After all, three is always better than two? Maybe... but maybe not. When it comes to factions in MMOs, the line seems to be split between two and three, and I think a good case can be made for both. Two factions is the majority approach for MMO...

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