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Hey, sometimes actions speak louder than words fonts. And if you really, really like Comic Sans, then you're going to love this. In the name of art, a gentleman named Jesse England has designed the "Sincerity Machine," a Comic Sans typewriter. England says he altered the machine to write in the in...

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October 17, 2014 at 12:32PM
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Like many great things, Jesse Anderson's latest project was inspired by a classic Simpsons line. Of course, the cartoon didn't come up with the idea of a lot of monkeys sitting around, banging out some of the great works of Western literature. The concept of infinite primates being able to genera...

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When we look upon the typewriter, we tend to think of it as a somewhat romantic, antiquated technology for the English major in us to write that great mystery novel we've been toying with -- not something we'd imagine anyone would still be using in a professional setting. Unfortunately for New York...

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