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When update 1.8 hits in Korea, ArcheAge housing will reach new heights -- literally. Two different models of houses, the thatched farmhouse and the medium house, are getting a special upgrade that will elevate them to two-story dwellings. Available in the cash shop, this upgrade item is applied to ...

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December 15, 2014 at 10:00AM
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Over the past few weeks, RIFT has been celebrating its first birthday with the Carnival of the Ascended. It started off pleasantly enough, with games, prizes, turducken, and fireworks. But recently, some of the revelers got a little too rowdy, and players had to help subdue drunk and disorderly g...

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Perfect World Entertainment has just released a new trailer for their sprawling Battle of the Immortals Fall 2010 update patch. The patch, scheduled to go live on November 10th, features a plethora of new content including Mount Olympus, Shadow Manor, new class skills, new pets, equipment upgrades,...

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