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Panasonic and DirecTV's n3D channel has added another event to its slate of coverage from Center Court of the US Open Championship during Labor Day Weekend and Finals Weekend. A notable shift for this production is the use of a new combination "Shadow D" camera rig developed by Vincent Pace, which ...

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August 25, 2010 at 3:22PM
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Did anyone catch the US Open over the weekend? It was a great sporting event that was butchered by piss-poor HD coverage. There wasn't a five minute interval that didn't have at-least three SD camera shots in it. The event was supposed to be in HD but ESPNHD and NBC continually switched to non-HD. T...

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What is the best looking HD sport? Golf (period) Football and hockey just don't hold up against the tranquil beauty of the gentleman's sport. This year we have seen a good amount of high-def golf coverage on CBS but now NBC is getting in the game too. Their June coverage of the event will be in glo...

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