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You may laugh at the "It Only Does Everything" ads but those of us with a cot in the Joystiq Bunker understand that they're a sign that the end is nigh. Why? Because the US military is looking to make a super computer made up of 2500 interconnected PS3 systems -- wait, isn't that how Skynet is made...

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November 24, 2009 at 12:30PM
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It's that time once again when United States Xbox Live members get to switch up their gamer picture and theme looks for free with the release of a handful of new downloads. Available for download off of the XBLM right this moment (like we said, only for the U.S. Live members among us) are free Speed...

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The United States Air Force has an application in to the Federal Business Opportunities group to purchase 300 40GB Sony Playstation 3s. No, they're not belated holiday gifts for the troops; the consoles will be used to test the robust Cell processor and its military applications. According to the ...

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