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Is a robot really a robot if it refuses to act like a robot? That's the question we were asking ourselves after stumbling upon this DIY machine, which may have just seized the crown for World's Bitchiest Bot. Every time you flip the on switch, this little gremlin will partially emerge from its bo...

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May 12, 2011 at 12:15AM
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Remember those World of Warcraft steins you thought were way too expensive and passed on buying? There's another one. Three Point Entertainment has released a new stein, this one featuring everyone's favorite bad guy, the Lich King himself, brandishing Frostmourne and leading an army of the Undead...

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Note to peripheral manufacturers: Being able to attach a device to a video game system doesn't make it inherently better than similar existing products. Case in point: this DS FM radio attachment. Sure, it's kind of cool that this radio draws power from the DS' rechargeable battery. But when you c...

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