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Eminent MMO designer Raph Koster inspired today's Daily Grind with his recent article titled When is a Clone, in which he discusses the difference between clones, reskins, variants, families, genres, and other words that gamers often use interchangeably when debating the merits of their favorite ga...

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August 15, 2014 at 8:00AM
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Been looking for the perfect mech in MechWarrior Online? Not been able to find it? Today's reveal of the Centurion mech and its variants may be the answer to your troubles. This new mech has good speed and medium armor without sacrificing the deadliness of its walking arsenal. That balance...

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And the cycle continues. Yes, just hours after Apple released a security update designed to smack down the recently-prevalent MacDefender malware, ZDnet's Ed Bott reports that a new variant of the bogus 'security' software has been released into the wild. This version is called "Mdinstall.pkg" ...

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