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In a sign of just how backed up our patent system is, Sony was finally awarded a series of claims for a vein-reading mouse it filed back in January of 2009. The idea is to use an image of the blood vessels in your index finger as an authentication system. But, instead of unlocking a PC, the identi...

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July 4, 2012 at 5:29PM
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Hitachi has always been hot for vein authentication modules, and its latest iteration takes the whole tech down to just three millimeters in thickness. Given that the current generation requires 23.5mm (nearly an inch) of space to operate in, it's easy to see why your netbook doesn't have one, bu...

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If you think about all the crap you could integrate into a mouse, a world's first vein reader seems downright, ingenious. Still, it's just the latest biometric technique to join iris-scanning and fingerprint reading mousers. The USB mouse from Fujitsu incorporates their PalmSecure scanner and Window...

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