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For years, consumers have been able to shoot slow-motion videos -- mostly with the help of Casio's line of slightly gimmicky point-and-shoots. But Fastec's TS3Cine aims for a more discerning customer -- the kind of videographer who might spice up a promo or short with some slow-mo action. Unlike Ca...

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April 18, 2011 at 10:58PM
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Given that even the professionals are swapping in DSLRs for those bulky, pricey camcorders, it's about time Intuitfocus solved a century-old problem: touching the focus ring to focus. In an effort to eliminate the focus puller from your payroll while also placing more control of a shot in the hands...

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Sony's no stranger to the HDV camcorder realm, so it's no real shock to see the firm introduce a brand new model for "entry-level professionals." Rockin' a shoulder-mount design and aimed at "wedding videographers, freelancers, and educational video creators," this unit supports both HDV and stand...

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