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Well, at least that was the advice that Min Kim, vice president of Nexon America gave would-be game developers and other audience members at GDC Austin last year. To be clear, he was not telling them, while rolling his evil mustache and laughing, to get their hands on kids money no matter what. He ...

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May 18, 2010 at 1:00PM
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While Sony's virtual-environment multiplayer matchmaker and social space Home (presently in open beta) is getting something of a padding by the media, it's mostly a case of the dog being paddled for not being a cat. Most of the criticisms seem to revolve around Home not being something it wasn't de...

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It's a sad day for those living in Rubi-Ka. Funcom has decided that Anarchy Online isn't nearly messed up enough, and so have announced that players can now spend money for points that can used in-game to buy items. That's right friends, the economy was just flushed down the tubes by guys who make...

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