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So, your bosses have replaced most of the office computers with Chromebooks, but you need those old Windows apps to keep you sane. If the IT folks aren't on top of it already, you may want to tell them about a remote access solution developed by Google and VMware called Horizon Desktop as a Servic...

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February 13, 2014 at 4:37AM
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When Google finally announced its shiny new cloud-based Drive service, many people will have been glad to see an extra bit of storage tacked onto their daily gadget lives. Some, however, spin out a generally more nebular existence, and that'd be the Chrome OS faithful. If you find yourself amongst...

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VMware and LG's virtualized Android OS demo at MWC 2011 is pretty slick. The speed of the transition from the owner's OS to the virtualized OS is nothing short of amazing considering it is all running from the device's SD card. As we posted earlier, the potential in the work world are pretty impr...

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