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Have anything sitting in your voicemail that you'd prefer the rest of the world didn't hear? When's the last time you went about checking it, anyway? AT&T is now on a mission to save its carefree customers from themselves, and beginning today, all new subscribers will be required to set a voicem...

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August 6, 2011 at 1:06PM
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We're not exactly sure what's going on here, but it certainly seems like at least some Google Voice voicemails are being indexed and made publicly available somehow. If you punch in "site:*" as a search string you get a few pages of what appear to be test messages, w...

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Earlier this month I had the unhappy experience of using the iPhone app VoiceMail.[ App Store link] The U.S. $0.99 app was designed to send an audio message to another iPhone, or a PC or Mac. It failed almost every test I gave it, but the developers say they have been hard at work and have updated V...

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