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The unmistakable Needler weapon from the Halo series has been made real, thanks to Harrison Krix of Volpin Props. Krix constructed the above replica out of various plastics, resin, wood, glue, electric wiring, LED lights and good old-fashioned moxie. The project took seven months, and if you'v...

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September 22, 2013 at 11:15AM
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Volpin Props master prop-maker Harrison Krix (aka Volpin) has painstakingly created an amazing replica of Thrall's signature weapon, the Doomhammer. Made with incredible accuracy and intricately crafted materials, Volpin's Doomhammer is a work of art. The wolf heads are made from handmade casts, ...

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Sometimes an idea is just so good, you can hardly believe you came up with it. That must be how Harrison Krix felt after creating the elaborate and awesome Big Daddy costume you see above -- not since BioShock released have we been so eager to heap praise on something. Well, Mr. Krix, we hope you s...

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