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Alarm clocks have been developing more and more unique ways to wake people up over the years, but being woken up by a stranger has always been something of a difficult proposition. Sure, you can use an old fashioned wake-up call service, but then you still sort of "know" who's calling you. Not so...

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August 25, 2011 at 4:02AM
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Yeah, what you see above actually is yet another iPod speaker / alarm clock mashup, but being that it's from Boynq, it looks noticeably better than most of the alternatives. The interestingly designed device does quite a few things aside from wake you from your slumber, as it also includes an FM r...

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No matter how much sleek design, aromatherapy, USB power, WiFi connectivity, advanced technology or medieval torture companies manage to cram into their alarm clocks, they still remain one of the most hated devices in our electronics arsenal. Designer Duck Young Kong is hoping his hip new concept...

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