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Archos looks to be getting in on the New Year's resolutions a bit early. The company clearly couldn't wait for CES to spill the beans on its 2014 lineup -- at least so far as connected devices are concerned. The device maker wants to make you a part of its internet of things, previewing a slew o...

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December 30, 2013 at 12:30PM
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Usually the intersection of woodcraft and gadgetry consists of little more than taking a piece of gear and putting it in a box. Woodstation may be no different, but at least it does its thing with some style, placing its LED display beneath the surface, allowing it to seemingly display weather dat...

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So you've got your place all decorated but still think it's lacking a bit of a mad scientist vibe? Well, South Korea's Karak Electronics has got a solution for you in the form of the AWS-2000p weather station. Just hook this sucker up to your PC and you'll be able to monitor the weather outside in r...

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