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Guild Wars 1 has seen the end of an era of live development today, as ArenaNet stated that it is switching the game over to automation. The studio said that players should not expect any further content other than the systems being put into place to keep the game running on auto-pilot for the fores...

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May 17, 2013 at 2:30PM
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TERA has consolidated to three servers today, but the latest dispatch from producer Chris Hager doesn't dwell on that. No, this dispatch is all about what the game has in the pipeline, starting with more events for players to enjoy. Hager lays out plans the team has made for the fall, like new sm...

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The big problem of betas, of course, is that they aren't launched games. That means that every quest you complete, every enemy you kill, and every level you gain is just going to have to be re-done at launch. For some people, however, the testing environment before launch is something they want t...

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