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If you've ever struggled to understand what Cymru am byth means, you'll have found that few web translators are prepared to help you out. That's changed now, thanks to a deal between Microsoft and the Welsh Assembly, which teamed up to bring the language to Office, Bing and the Windows and Windows...

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May 10, 2014 at 7:03AM
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Hey Europe! Did you guys feel left out of the fun when we talked about Mabinogi? Well worry no more, as the free-to-play multi-faceted game is coming to your shores finally! (Which is kinda funny when you think about it, as Mabinogi is a Celtic-based game and is just now getting released in Europe....

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Apparently looking to avoid unfortunate incidents like this (or this, or this), the Welsh Assembly recently agreed to put up signs warning drivers not to use their GPS along narrow lanes. Problem is, the drivers may end up spending more time trying to figure out the meaning of the signs than they ev...

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