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The US Navy has just unveiled a new diving suit prototype, and aside from being more efficient than older models, it also helps conserve helium. See, the agency's current suit uses Fly-Away Mixed Gas System (FMGS), which releases gases the diver exhales into the sea, including huge amounts of oxyg...

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March 22, 2015 at 6:05PM
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Eidos has given Underworld fans another free costume pack, perfect for playing dress-up with Lara Croft. The 62MB download gives Lara a blue and a red wetsuit to add to her walk-in closet. A previous free costume pack bestowed Lady Croft with her treasured original (Anniversary) outfit and her Leg...

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Although late October typically conjures thoughts about the upcoming ski season, Rip Curl is hoping to please those So Cal / Hawaiian residents by giving you one less reason to ditch the waves this winter. Announcing the "world's first heated wetsuit," the H-Bomb (no relation to the F-Bomb) looks l...

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