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Now that you've had your fill of mocking amateurs with their Wii Classic Controllers, it's time to prove your skills by going pro. Nintendo Japan just listed the Wii Classic Controller Pro that brings a bit of Dual Shock schlock to the dual-analog controller -- that means grips and a two-row should

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February 26, 2009 at 3:31AM
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Remember Anascape Ltd, the little \"gaming company\" that sued Microsoft and Nintendo back in 2006 for controller patent infringement? Well, it's payday to the tune of $21 million after a jury found Nintendo's Wii Classic, WaveBird, and Gamecube controller designs all guilty of violating Anascape's pa

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We're not certain how many people are clamoring for Virtual Console controller that apes the look-and-feel of the 360 controller, but Thrustmaster's got you covered with its new T-Wireless NW controller. Eschewing the need to plug into the Wiimote, the NW comes with a receiver dongle that plugs int

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