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Facebook obviously isn't interested in welcoming new social media players, and not long after stopping Yandex's Wonder app from combing its precious data, it's decided to block the friend-finding feature in Twitter's Vine video embed app. Using the "find people" option in Vine now presents users w...

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January 25, 2013 at 8:04AM
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Blogger Wolfshead has a problem: He's lost the sense of wonder and adventure that he used to have with MMOs, and he doesn't know if it'll ever return. "Many years later and many MMOs later I still feel that no other MMO has ever been able to successfully recreate all of those feelings that EverQ...

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You know all those precious lenses you've been stockpiling for your SLR since the 90s? They're still safe for another couple of decades, but in round about 2030, you're gonna be trashing all that glassware and buying yourself a Wonder Camera. Why would that be? Canon is pretty confident that by the...

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