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It's always a nice time for a pleasant stroll through the woods. Admittedly, when the woods in question are the rather ominously named Terminal Woods and you're in the midst of Fallen Earth, that pleasant stroll might involve shooting a few bandits and mutated animals. But with all of the new toy...

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March 17, 2011 at 7:00PM
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We're not sure how we missed Ecolis when the game was first announced last February, but Insert Credit thankfully brought the colorful RTS to our eager attention. Developed by Lightweight (Bushido Blade series), Ecolis charges you with the task of defending wilderness habitats from pollution and def...

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The DS Lite's speakers are certainly nothing to be ashamed of. They deliver fairly crisp sound (Elite Beat Agents is a wonderful example) at a decent volume. Still, is this enough in public places? Or are you simply too embarrassed for some games' vibrational happiness to be transmitted to the peopl...

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