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We covered Here Without You yesterday, one of the classics of machinima. The Forsaken lovers theme is a popular one, though relatively few machinima artists have really done it justice. It is no surprise that another great example is Wrought, created by Legs based on a song by Peratus. Not only ...

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May 5, 2013 at 2:00PM
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It's occasionally a good thing to go back and look at selections from past Moviewatches. I try and avoid doing that too much, since there are always so many movies (good, bad, improving, all) to check out. But when a movie is frequently discussed in comments, such as Wrought, it's important to tak...

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Wrought is an exciting new machinima created by Cranius and Legs. As the story goes, a Human warrior and a Blood Elf woman fall in love. Clearly, this relationship is scorned and forbidden by the Sindorei. The Blood Elves attack the woman, and the human is killed in a vicious ambush. The warrior...

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