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Our man Ben Heck has done it again -- this time, he's taken modding to a new, retro level. Atari requested that Heck create a modded system as a promo for its new games, so our man teamed up with element14 and did what he does best. The master of mods has gutted an Xbox 360 and shoved it into a one...

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March 22, 2011 at 4:22PM
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This mod won't exactly help you much with Street Fighter IV or other button intensive games, but those that prefer to pass the time with the likes of Galaga or Xevious may want to strongly consider following the lead of our friend Mr. Pepsi Pants, and breath some new life into that NES Advantage co...

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While there's no shortage of useful and not-so-useful solutions to keep your Xbox 360 from overheating, there's far fewer options at your disposal to keep the console's loudness down. And for good reason, while the 360's fan isn't the quietest one around, the biggest decibel culprit is the system's...

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