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When Alex Evans, co-founder of Sony PlayStation first-party studio Media Molecule, announced Dreams onstage at E3 this week, there was a lot of confusion in the audience and on social media. And that's okay, according to Evans. "What we wanted to do was get it out there and get people talking abou...

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June 18, 2015 at 5:30PM
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If you head down to your local toy store today, you'll likely find that the shelves are dominated by video game packs and figurines. Franchises like Minecraft, Disney Infinity and Skylanders mostly dominate proceedings, but their popularity also encourages rivals to cash in on the latest craze. On...

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A recent survey conducted by Gamasutra found that a quarter of YouTubers (aka Let's Players) with over 5,000 subscribers participated in payola, receiving compensation for coverage. The established game press has gotten itself into a tizzy about the ethics of such actions. As someone who worked ...

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