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It's been more than a year since the Coolpix P100 hit the review panels, and now it's time for the new kid on the block to step up. The fine folks over at Photography Blog seem to find that the P500 performs similarly to the P100 -- the Achilles heel still being image quality, suffering from

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We've discussed it again and again, the ills done by so-called HD channels against perfectly good content, whether it's passing off SD as high definition with Fox Widescreen, vomit-inducing stretching on TNT & TBS or the inexcusable cropping, zooming and pan & scanning of movies broadcast o

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Borne of Microsoft Research, newly-announced ZenZui is coming out of stealth mode at CTIA this week to introduce what we think is a fairly novel approach to mobile content browsing -- a concept ZenZui calls the \"Zooming User Interface\" (hence the \"Zui\" part of the name). The concept sorta has to b

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