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As William Gibson once wrote, "the street finds its own uses for things." Of course, the future he envisioned was populated by cut-throat characters with names like Dex Cowb0t, mercenary-types who made their money the only way they knew how: with custom cyberspace decks, hopped up on designer drug...

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December 4, 2008 at 12:43PM
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Qaz from DCEmu (registration required) has released a pretty nice AIM/MSN/Yahoo client for the PSP. It's pretty easy to install and use ... so long as you're willing to struggle with the PSP's pathetic phone-like virtual keyboard. Too bad ZX81's newly released Virtual Keyboard isn't compatible: cer...

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Developed for the Sinclair ZX81 twenty-five years ago, 3D Monster Maze occupies a tender spot in European gamers' hearts; consisting of a maze rendered in contemporary 3D and complete with a monster, it truly lived up to its title. As the first 3D title for a home computer, and the first corridor-ba...

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