1Password's big app redesign brings desktop features to mobile

1Password 8 is now available on Android and iOS.


It took several months, but you now have access to 1Password's major updates on your phone. The company has released 1Password 8 for Android and iOS, and many of the desktop version's features have carried over to mobile. For starters, there's a new home screen that provides quicker, customized access to frequently-used passwords. There's also a new navigation bar to help you find info across every account you use.

The updated 1Password is also better at dealing with an era when data breaches are all too common. The Watchtower dashboard has reached mobile devices, providing alerts when a breach compromises your login. The tool also helps you randomly generate answers to security questions, and even encourages you to strengthen your sign-ins by generating an overall security score. More advanced passwords, two-factor authentication and other changes can boost your rating.

The additions won't necessarily persuade you to switch from LastPass and similar password managers. However, they might make a good case for trying 1Password f you routinely search for passwords or want a broader picture of your digital security.