1Password Mac update delivers Apple Watch unlocks and more

Touch ID unlock is still the default, but you can now open the app with your watch.

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

The latest version of 1Password comes with a new method to access the password manager on a Mac: Apple Watch Unlock. To open the app on the OS, you could either type in your password or use your computer’s Touch ID. Now, 1Password 7.7 also lets you access your log-in credentials by double clicking on the Watch’s side button — so long as your Mac is running macOS Catalina 10.15 or later and has Touch ID and a Secure Enclave.

You can find the option to switch the feature on in Preferences under the line where you can turn on Touch ID unlock. The app will still treat the Touch ID method as the default, but it will send your Watch a prompt every time you fire it up. Chris De Jabet, the company’s Client App Project Manager, said it’s been especially helpful for him while using a MacBook with an external keyboard and trackpad.

In addition to Apple Watch Unlock, the update also rolls out support for Privacy virtual credit cards in Safari. If you’ll recall, the company teamed up with Privacy in September to allow users to generate burner cards within browsers, so long as the 1Password X extension is installed. It debuted with support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave, but the company promised to bring the feature to Safari. Finally, 1Password 7.7 also comes with a new app icon, as well as design improvements, for Big Sur.

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