Best Buy not your best buying experience

Best Buy

Sometimes buying from Best Buy isn't the best, as one of our readers (who goes by the name "Arsonist") relates:

Logitech makes what is apparently a great high-res gaming mouse — the MX-510 — which has 800dpi and 5.8 Mpx/sec sample rate. Great. Went online and saw it for sale for $45.99. Great. Checked in-store availability. It's at the one about 10 minutes from my home. Great. Travel to store and get mouse. (It really is in stock!) Great. Go to the cash register and the Register Kid says, "$53". I say, "Uh, no, it's in this handy printout for $45." He says, "No. Best idea is to drive home, buy it and come back to the store". Hmmmm. Redirect to customer service counter. Customer Service Kid says, "Oh, okay. Want repair plan? No? $53." Great. "Pour quoi?" I query. Customer Service Moral Support Group (all 3 members) descend on me and say that, "Online pricing is different". I say, "So, how about I go over to one of the PCs in the next aisle and order it online and then you can hand it to me for $5 cheaper?" Kid says, "Well, you could do that yes. However, our pickup schedules are not immediate."

You gotta love that logic. If you've had a similarly frustrating or baffling experience shopping for electronics (and you know you have), send them in.