Gateway's 30-inch LCD HDTV

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Peter Rojas
May 26th, 2004

Gateway 30-inch LCD TVExtremeTech checks out Gateway's 30-inch LCD TV, which is the very same model flat-screen TV we use to watch Elimidate here at Engadget HQ — though you might not actually be able to buy this (or any TV) from Gateway for much longer — they're still sorting out whether or not they're staying in the consumer electronics biz. We sorta hope they do, since they've tended to price things pretty aggressively, forcing other manufacturers to drop prices on their home electronics to stay competitive.

Anyway, ExtremeTech doesn't think that the image quality on Gateway's LCD TV is as good as it could be (its contrast is good, while its dark value could be a bit better), but anyone buying this TV is probably more focused on getting a flat-panel HDTV on the cheap than getting the best picture quality possible. And now that the early adopters have all bought theirs, there is a whole generation of consumers who mostly care about the fact that their new TV is thin more than anything else and are probably willing to skimp on something like dark levels in order to save a little money.

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