An evening with Motorola

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|07.30.04

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Peter Rojas
July 30th, 2004
An evening with Motorola image
An evening with Motorola image

Ryan and I hit up Motorola's big press event last night. None of the promised celebrities showed up, but we managed to check tons of their new products:

Motorola m25 and m500
The only real surprise of the evening was the two new MP3 players they have coming out, the m25, a 256MB Flash player, and the wacky-colored m500, which sports a 5GB hard drive and is meant to take on the iPod mini.

Motorola A630
The T-Mobile version of the A630, which comes out in September or so.

Motorola A630
And the Cingular version of the A630.

Motorola A840Motorola A840

The A840, their new world-phone which works on both CDMA and GSM networks.

Motorola A845
The A845, their new 3G video phone which runs on AT&T Wireless' new high-speed UMTS network.

Motorola MPx
The MPx, their new Pocket PC Phone which should be out ever-so-soon.

Motorola DCP601
The DCP601 Home Entertainment System, a high-end digital cable ready entertainment receiver Motorola Ojo Personal Video Phonewith a high-definition decoder, 6.1 channel surround sound, and a built-in progressive scan DVD player. You didn't hear it from us, but they're eventually going to add the ability to network this with other stuff in the house (there's an Ethernet port in back) and will probably add some sort of hard drive for digital video recording.

The Ojo, their new broadband Personal Video Phone (pictured at right) which is set to cost a whopping $799 when it comes out later this year.

Motorola IMfree
The IMfree Personal Instant Messenger, a small wireless handheld device for those young people that's designed to do one thing: AOL Instant Messenger. It requires a base station that needs to be connected to a PC, but will work with any kind of Internet connection, whether broadband or dial-up.

Motorola Home Monitoring
Motorola's new Home Monitoring and Control System HMEZ1000, a system of wireless network cameras and sensors that let's you keep tabs on your home from anywhere, and will automatically email or text message you when a door or window is opened, or when the temperature or humidity hits a certain level.

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