Pure Digital's disposable digital camera gets an LCD screen

Pure Digital disposable digital camera

Pure Digital is coming out with a new version of their two megapixel disposable digital camera that comes with an important feature earlier models lacked: an LCD screen so you can actually see what you're taking a picture of. Not that that is enough to make up for the steep $19.95 price tag, that it doesn't take such hot pictures, or the fact that you still can't hook it up to a PC to copy all the photos on it (at least not without a little hackery) or pop a memory card out of it. Also, buried at the bottom of the article is the news that they're also planning a barebones camcorder can record up to 20 minutes of TV-quality which you'll have to bring back to the store to get burned onto a DVD. Oh, we can't wait.

[Thanks, Anand]