Review of Packard Bell's AudioDream MP3 player

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|09.14.04

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Peter Rojas
September 14th, 2004
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Packard Bell AudioDream

We'll spare you the Wang jokes this time around, but yeah, we've been scratching our heads at Packard Bell's recent resurrection as a purveyor of MP3 players. NEC must be determined to get some value out of what they paid for when they bought them back in 1996, this despite the fact that at best the brand name must  mean next to nothing to most people buying an MP3 player these days (Packard Bell dropped out of the US PC market four years ago but lives on in Europe). Maybe they're trying to corner the ironic hipster market or something (we hear they're crazy for that retro stuff). Anyway, there was a point to this post, and that's that Packard Bell has a new MP3 player out called the AudioDream that comes in 128MB and 256MB versions and seems perfectly alright except for the tragic flaw that its playback volume is distressingly quiet.

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