GTA: San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid 3 clips on Worthplaying

Ben Zackheim
B. Zackheim|09.27.04

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Once again, Worthplaying delivers on the game clips. Today's list includes the brand new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater movies. Oh yeah, there's also a Gran Tursismo 4 trailer thrown in for you racing fans. All in all 130 MB of worthy downloads. MGS 3 is gorgeous, of course, but will be facing some stiffer competition in the genre this time around. Hey, it's a strong enough title to push Tom Clancy's next Splinter Cell to next year. GTA: San Andreas looks dreamy, doesn't it? Sorry - fawning complete. Hey, it could end being awful. Yeah, right.

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